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Pitching yourself to influential people can be one of the hardest things you do in life. Seriously, when I’m speaking in front of a crowd at a networking event, my heart beats incredibly fast. Learning how to get into the right room to pitch yourself can be game-changing. Many of us hate to put ourselves out there. But we all have to learn how to pitch our visions to the world. I brought on Roman Tsunder, CEO of WORLDZ, on this week to help you to learn how to pitch yourself in the room.

Roman Tsunder runs two major membership communities: WORLDZ and PTTOW! When he shared his story about how he collaborated with His Holiness the Dalai Lama at his event, I had to learn more. After finding a common purpose, a few meditations, and follow-up phone calls, Roman had landed the conference speaker of a lifetime: the Dalai Lama. This week you can learn how Roman gets in the room with all of these global icons and leaders.

When speaking to Roman you get the idea that he has a big vision for the world. In this episode we detail the secrets of how Roman networks, builds relationships, and finds purpose with his work.

Roman brings together influential minds and brands in the world with the goal of shaping the future of culture.  WORLDZ is a global summit and community of leaders and dreamers.  More info:http://worldz.us/

Follow Roman: https://twitter.com/romantsun

Where to find the podcast:

Listen to our podcast archives with guests like Seth Godin, Brian Koppelman and Troy Carter: https://www.influencereconomy.com/


Thanks so much for Roman Tsunder for joining me this week!