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Conquering Depression isn’t easy. Many entrepreneurs and startup founders struggle through bouts of depression. How common is the issue of depression in the world of entrepreneurs? Well, it’s more common than you think. Why? Because being a founder or entrepreneur is a lonely job. It’s also very intense, with highs and lows that are un-common to those working more corporate and stable jobs. Depression and Entrepreneurs is the topic of this week’s show.

Brad Feld and Ryan Williams in The Influencer Economy

Brad Feld and Ryan Williams in The Influencer Economy

Brad Feld has had dark moments as an entrepreneur. He has lived his  career in the fast paced world as an entrepreneur and startup investor. Hailing from Boulder, Colorado, Brad has struggled with depression throughout various points of life. This episode he and I get real on the struggle of depression and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). We talk about what we go through when we’re depressed. It’s an honest chat. We both share our demons.

Brad believes that we all need to focus more on mental fitness. He believes that most of us focus on our physical health, and ignore our mental health. We all learn about physical fitness and it’s importance at a young age. Yet, we often ignore how our moods effect our mental well-being. Brad believes that mental fitness needs to be a bigger priority for all of us in business and life. Subscribe and listen to this episode with Brad Feld on iTunes!

Brad also shares what got him through his depression. It’s important to remember, that when you’re feeling low, the darkness will eventually fade. It’ important to remember that your mood will get better. Entrepreneurship is a thrill. Even with its challenges, finding a supportive network is one way to become un-depressed.. Brad Feld came on the podcast this week, to chat about depression and his own bouts with it. Listen to Brad Feld’s past episode on The Influencer Economy.

Brad is a world-class entrepreneur and investor. Having started Techstars, Foundry Group, he’s invested in hundreds and hundreds of companies. He knows the ups and downs that entrepreneurs go through. In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to cope with depression
  • How to find support from loved ones when dealing with depression
  • The signs of depression and OCD
  • How Brad takes time off the grid in order to stay energized
  • How to optimize your lifestyle to keep your mood stable
  • How friends and a strong support network gets your thought low points
  • Mental fitness and the importance of it

Brad Feld’s article on depression: http://www.feld.com/archives/2015/04/bringing-depression-shadows-startups.html

Brad Feld’s books on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Brad-Feld/e/B0043MYSL8

Brad Feld’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/bfeld