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Ryan Williams is a marketing strategist, international speaker and early team member at DigiSynd (acquired by Disney) and Machinima.com (acquired by Warner Bros.). He has given talks and taught at Google, SXSW, Vanderbilt University, City University of London, USC and Loyola Marymount. Ryan’s podcast and writing have been featured in Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, Success Magazine, Business Insider, Social Media Examiner, and USA Today. Watch Ryan’s talk at Google:

For the last three years, Ryan interviewed over 100 influencers who have built ideas online such as: Seth Godin, Brad Feld, Derek Sivers, Troy Carter, Jemele Hill and many others. He teaches readers how to find their big idea, embrace their personality edge, deliver an authentic message, and collaborate their way to a winning product launch.

Stories From The Influencer Economy  is a one-on-one interview podcast that explores the world of influence, social media, and people talking about the next big thing. Listeners will learn from an elite class of influencers, comprised of forward-thinking creators, entrepreneurs and writers. The Influencer Economy unlocks the secrets to successfully launching your business or product to the world, and it reveals how people, businesses and brands can learn from top influencers. Buy the book:

Influencer Economy by Ryan Williams

Buy the The Influencer Economy

We’ve built a global community around stories of people making their own success. And, the show contextualizes these stories within a variety of emerging digital economies, including the podcaster, YouTuber, and crowdfunding movements.

You don’t need to go to business school. You don’t need a Harvard degree. You don’t need to know celebrities. And you don’t need to have a lot of money. You need to learn from the leaders of the modern business era by listening to Stories From The Influencer Economy.

Ryan Williams Influencer Economy author

Ryan Williams Influencer Economy author

Subscribe to the Influencer Economy on iTunes

Subscribe to the Influencer Economy on iTunes

Ryan Williams is an entrepreneur, writer, podcast host and former stand-up comedian. He is the Founder of Influencer Economy; a consulting group that helps brands and entrepreneurs develop and scale their platforms. He also hosts Stories from the Influencer Economy podcast, featured in Apple’s “New and Noteworthy” in 2015.

Ryan’s professional experience includes 12 years in marketing, business development, and entertainment. He has been a pioneer in the media industry, overseeing online marketing activations for companies such as Disney, Microsoft, Activision, and Warner Bros.

Ryan was an early team member at the entertainment technology start-up DigiSynd, which was acquired by Disney in 2008. At Disney, he and his team launched the company’s social media and analytics division. Post-acquisition, Ryan left Disney to join Machinima.com, which was one of the largest millennial YouTube communities in the world, founding their marketing and social media group. In 2011, Ryan joined at the London-based opinion network State, serving as their Marketing Director, while he remained based in Los Angeles for 2.5 years. He founded the Influencer Economy media company in 2014.

Ryan is fascinated by the world of Do-It-Yourself creators launching the next big things online. His podcast guests vary from YouTube visionaries like Freddie Wong, to investors/talent managers like Troy Carter to best-selling authors like Willie Geist. The book is book based on the stories from the podcast (also called The Influencer Economy) due in early 2016, profiling the emerging leaders of new social online economies.

Ryan received his B.A. in Human and Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University and attended secondary school at Choate Rosemary Hall. He used to perform stand-up comedy and direct independent short films in around the Washington D.C. area.


Follow Ryan on Twitter @ryanjwill

For media inquiries for The Influencer Economyt EMAIL:  influencereconomy at gmail dot com