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From Quitting Your 9-5 in Front of 10,000 people to Helping Others Make Millions | 116 | Entrepreneur Nicole Walters

Nicole Walters in The Influencer Economy
Nicole Walters in The Influencer Economy

Entrepreneur Nicole Walters once quit her high power insurance day job via a livestream, with 10,000 people watching. She left a secure corporate lifestyle, and pivoted her career into helping people “monetize thyself.”  She jokingly, describes herself has a “hot mess.” In reality, she helps “people captivate audiences, make money and speak the language of sales.”

Years ago, Nicole worked as a executive in healthcare, a rather boring topic. She somehow made it interesting and fun to people. The segue in her career truly happened when she launched a fun side project blog, Naptural Nicole. The blog kicked off with her cutting off all her hair. Then she documenting growing all her hair back, chemical free. Yes, she cut of 100% of her hair, and documented the journey of regrowing it.

Influencer Economy on iTunes

Influencer Economy on iTunes

With Naptural Nicole, Nicole launched and learn how to run a side business. She embraced a new lifestyle (without hair), and it turned into a profitable venture. She was monetizing herself. Nicole now calls her herself an income exert and sales strategies, and much of her early business learnings came from that blog experience.
Nicole Walters lived a double life for nearly five years. She was a high-functioning executive by day, and a side hustling blogger at night. She was a content creator in the huge market in the African-American beauty industry. She started partnering her blog with brands, running online, and had transformed her side hustle into a business that still makes money.

5 Influencer Economy Quick Hits from Nicole Walters:

Don’t quit your day job. Having debt when starting your business is a terrible way to start. She has a debt free business because she started her company while keeping her day job. Again, do not quit your day job!
Hold yourself to a standard of grace not perfection. Keep it simple. She started her blog her on cell phone, published photos on WordPress, and uploaded her photos directly from her phone to her website. Don’t worry about making things perfect. Done is better than perfect. She follows the quote: “Perfection is the enemy of creativity.”
You don’t have to be tech savvy. She humbly admits that she is not great at social media. Why? Because no one is great at social media. Nicole is great at getting onto social media and relating to people. She strives for authenticity and aims to make an impact in people’s lives.

Let people into your story. Nicole started her blog, Naptural Nicole, playing on the word nappy. She put her blog out there, launched it, and charted her growth. No matter how perfect her documentation was, she let people into the journey. The audience was involved every day, throughout the process. People loved following the growth.
Embrace your job. You aren’t Kim Kardashian, it is important to embrace your job. In other words, you can’t get paid for showing up at the club. It’s always important to embrace your job. If you’re in it to get paid and collect a check, it won’t work for you. You can’t just take selfie and expect to make money on social media.

Nicole is now a business coach, public speaker, and entrepreneur. She calls her community of followers her “rich friends,” and she gives talks all around the world. One of her best compliments that she can receive from a follower is: “you are the best friend in my head,” or “my kids love watching you.” Her “rich friend” manifesto is all about being rich in both purpose and mission, in addition to making money.
Quotes from Nicole:
“The way to build sustainable income is finding a way to serve other people.”
“Disurpt and don’t duplicate.”
“Embrace the unfamiliar to get familiar results.”

Nicole Walters on Twitter: http://www.nicolewalters.tv/

Nicole Walters: http://www.nicolewalters.tv/blog/