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John Corcoran is a lawyer, former writer for The White House, and even had a stint working in L.A. in the entertainment industry. Now he is the host and owner of The Smart Business Revolution, a multi-media business company. He hosts a podcast, creates online courses such as “Connecting with VIP’s” and has a 20,000 person + rock solid email list of loyal community members. His work as at the forefront of the new generation of businesses, where people actually help each other succeed. Imagine that?

John Corcoran on Stories from The Influencer Economy

John Corcoran on Stories from The Influencer Economy

John or “The Relationship Doctor” as I like to call him, is one of the most well-networked people in the podcast business community. He’s part of a new breed of entrepreneur, building his company off of his content, while creating a lot of different ways to reach new communities.

John lays out his formula for making introductions, connecting like minded people and how he has amp’ed up his email list growth. John makes intros to people who should know each other, all the time. The key is that he does it with integrity, which is why it works. John is a true influencer in the modern media business world.

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Key Insights from this episode:

  • His work in The White House

  • John shares stories about how he make $1000 from a single Tweet

  • How he has built his email list to 20,000 people

  • How he snowballs his income buy selling products to his audience

  • The years of knowledge and insights that he has in connecting with VIP’s and influencers.

John’s website: smartbusinessrevolution.com/

John on Twitter:   twitter.com/johncorcoran

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