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Troy Carter and Ryan Williams

Troy Carter and Ryan Williams

Troy Carter came on the podcast this week.  He is the founder of Atom Factory, and the conversation was inspiring to say the very least.

Troy and I talk about hip-hop, entrepreneurship, life, failure, success and finding passion around your work.  Troy used to work with Bigee Smalls and Puff Daddy back in the day, so we started talking about the paralells of technology entrepreneurs and hip hop music artists.  From their our talk turned into so much more, and I can’t recommend this any more.

Troy runs Atom Factory, a music business, label, and music publishing company that primarily focuses on talent representation.  He manages John Legend, John Mayer, and Meghan Trainor.  His sister company A.F. Square invests in early-stage technology companies such as Uber, Lyft and Dropbox.

Troy Carter Inspiring Quotes:

“In life in general, there are no guarantees. Failures are a part of life. As cliché as it may sound, the way I look at it is that there are no rewards without taking risks. We take a risk every time we step out the door, you know, every single day. Life is full of risks and failures, but at the same time life is full of triumphs and happiness.”

“I relate to entrepreneurs on a soulful level. I know what keeps them up at night. I know how those victories feel. .. And when you can’t make payroll, and you’ve got knots in your stomach, I know what that feels like too.”

Listen on iTunes:  http://bit.ly/1csuizl

SoundCloud:  http://bit.ly/11VdkuD