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Noah Kagan and Ryan Williams on The Influencer Economy
Noah Kagan and Ryan Williams on The Influencer Economy

Noah Kagan (@NoahKagan) was employee #30 at Facebook, employee #4 at Mint.com, the founder of Sumo.com and AppSumo and the host of  the podcast Noah Kagan Presents. He’s a superstar in the world of tech, entrepreneurship and podcasting.

Based on his resume, you’d think his career was nothing but rainbows, puppy dogs and ice cream. But you’re wrong. Like me, Noah has experienced bouts of depression in his life.

In talking about depression, we are not just talking about having a bad day, or even a tough week. We are talking about consistently thinking about bad things. We’re talking about thinking negative things for years. This week, I talk to Noah Kagan on working through depression.

Influencer Economy on iTunes
Influencer Economy on iTunes

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In this revealing episode, we talked about our own techniques for dealing with depression. Noah has some great methods to help improve your mental productivity and counter-act depression. To say the least, he’s done a lot in his life. In this episode, Noah Kagan shares how he maintains his edge in business and life.

Influencer Economy Quick Hits:

  • How to use mental productivity to increase your energy

  • What an accountability buddy is and how to find one

  • How finding a mind coach or therapist helps you change your negative perceptions

  • How to manager your office team when you’re in a negative mindset

  • How not to bring in your bad mood to work

Noah runs his own company with over 40 employees. Surprisingly, he hates going into the office for work. Noah shares the methods for managing his team, while designing his professional life to work remotely. He shares how NOT going into the office helps his productivity. This episode, I talk to Noah Kagan on working through depression.


Noah Kagan Presents Podcast: www.okdork.com/podcast/

Noah Kagan on Twitter: https://twitter.com/noahkagan

Sumo: https://sumo.com/

App Sumo: http://www.appsumo.com/

Ryan Williams on Stories from The Influencer Economy: https://www.influencereconomy.com/

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