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Sarah Weichell on The Influencer Economy wtih Ryan Williams

Sarah Weichell on The Influencer Economy wtih Ryan Williams

Sarah Weichel is one smart cookie.  She manages some of the biggest YouTube creators on the planet and helps them build-out long term businesses.  She is extremely wise and there is a lot to learn from her. As a business manager (talent manager) for some of the biggest YouTuber creators in the world (like Hannah Hart), she has executed some amazing things.  This includes helping Hannah’s book “My Drunk Kitchen” become a NY Times best-seller.

This was a fun episode, hope you enjoy it. Sarah is an optimistic person who is paving the way for YouTube creator’s launching big companies and big ideas.

What we learned from Sarah Weichel:

  • How Sarah got her start working for an L.A. talent management company, and eventually went onto to start he own business
  • How Sarah translates YouTube digital data to Hollywood executives, while doing business for her YouTube clients/partners
  • The two types of creators on YouTube 1) Content creator vs. 2) Community builder
  • How Hannah Hart posted a video to her friend across the country in her “drunk kitchen,” and it changed her life
  • The secrets of how My Drunk Kitchen became a NY Times best-seller
  • How she creatively works with YouTubers like:   Harto, Kingsley, & Lilly Singh.
  • The importance of creating a mission statement if you launch a YouTube or content career
  • How the film Camp Takota starring Hannah, Mamrie Hart, and Grace Helbig went onto break even in 24 hours
  • How licensing of content and products will important to YouTubers in the future to help build-out their businesses.

Sarah Weichel on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/swike

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