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Caleb Bacon on Influencer Economy

Caleb Bacon on Influencer Economy w/ Ryan Williams

Caleb Bacon is an network TV writer and host of the popular podcast Man School.  He’s a jack of all trades in the modern media world.  He currently writes for the TBS comedy Sullivan and Son, while also hosting the weekly Man School Podcast.  Man School is a show where he interviews men about their exciting or difficult experiences.  He often interviews guys about major moments in their lives that shaped them as a person.

On this week’s Influencer Economy, Caleb details what it’s like writing on Sullivan and Son, and how he started writing for TV Shows.  He details his creative process for not only TV, but how he broke into the podcasting world. We talked at length about his creative ambitions, and how to become successful in Hollywood.  The show also goes deep into the pitfalls of working in entertainment, living in Los Angeles, and Caleb being clean and sober for the past 6.5 years.

This is a really great episode.  Caleb was forthcoming about how he built his writing and podcast careers, while also opening up about his sobriety. We explore why we both podcast, and Making it in Hollywood

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