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David Nihill Influencer Economy with Ryan Williams

David Nihill Influencer Economy with Ryan Williams

David Nihill like many people, was terrified of public speaking. But unlike most people, to conquer his fear of speaking in front of groups, David spent a year studying and performing stand-up comedy. After performing at The Improv, The Comedy Store, & Cobb’s he realized that anyone can be funny when giving a talk. He also learned that even people who hated public speaking like himself, could also become great publics speaker while acting funny.

David has created a 7 step framework to help normal people become better and funnier public speakers. His books is called: Do You Talk Funny?: 7 Comedy Habits to Become a Better (and Funnier) Public Speaker. David studied Stand-up comedians, the group of people who are the best public speakers in the world. And what he learned is that anyone can be funny giving a public speech, even people who are deftly afraid of crowds.

I’m a former stand-up comedian and I know how terrified I was performing in front of crowds. But to this day, I give better presentations to bosses, work crowds better during talks and I give funnier speeches based on my stand-up comedy practice. I’m not recommending you go sign-up for open mic comedy nights to get funnier and more comfortable in front of crowds. Instead, I recommend listening to this episode and reading Davd’s book. In this episode you will learn:

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  • How to write funny material based on your own experiences to be funny when giving a talk
  • How to open your talk with a funny story or personal anecdote
  • How to connect with audiences to improve your story-telling style
  • How to draw on real-life experiences to get a crowd to laugh at the beginning of your talk
  • How to use David’s tips to create a “memory palace” to remember every part of your story when on stage
  • A simple secret to using “call-backs,” which means you make a mention of a topic previously covered when giving a talk
  • How to rehearse spontaneity by practicing jokes that will appear to be “off the cuff” to anyone watching you talk
  • How to get the host to sell you when making your introduction before your talk
  • How to deliver the right balance of jokes to control a room of people
83: Finding the Funny, Delivering Jokes and Adding Humor to Your Public Speaking with David Nihil
David’s Funny Biz Conference: http://funnybizz.co/funnybizz-conference/

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