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Filmmaker Freddie Wong is on for Part II of his conversation, on the “The Influencer Economy.” You may know Freddie for his popular web series “Video Game High School, which has reached over 65 million views online. To state it simply, it’s “Harry Potter for video games.”  Ryan and Freddie had such an interesting conversation, he had to divide it up into 2 episodes.  To catch last week’s episode click here  Ryan and Freddie sat down at RocketJump Studios, in Burbank, CA. for this conversation.

We talked about what it’s like to run a modern day media company, in the day of the internet. And the conversation takes an unexpected twist when Ryan’s memory runs out on his camera, which we’ll leave for your to listen to. This was one of our favorite chats, Freddie is a true professional when it comes to creating and conversing.

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Find Freddie on Twitter twitter.com/fwong
Find Freddie on YouTube www.youtube.com/user/freddiew
Find Freddie at Rocketjump www.rocketjump.com
Watch Video Game High School www.rocketjump.com/category/vghs