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This week Ryan chatted with Michael Wolf, host of The Next Market Podcast. Michael and Ryan discuss the art and science of podcasting.  He’s somewhat of a podcast historian (even though the industry is very young), and Michael started podcasting in 2006.  He is also a writer and researcher, who has written for GigaOm, CNN, New York Times, Forbes.

Michael shares insights into how to start a podcast, and they chat about the Mt. Rushmore of podcast hosts.  Michael talks about some of his favorite podcasters like Bill Simmons, Roman Mars, Ira Glass, The Accidental Tech Podcast (Marc Ament), and Adam Corolla – and what makes them so good.

Michael’s start-up podcast network: Technology.fm, which is a collective of tech/media podcasts to help listeners discover great technology shows.   His new podcast is:  Smart Home Show, where talks about home technology (think Nest and Dropcam).

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Michael’s podcast:  The Next Market Podcast, features “conversations with technology and media makers. Topics include digital publishing, web, investing, podcasting, crowdfunding and pretty much anything else on the frontiers of tech innovation.” 

 If you want to check-out his Next Market Show (which you should), The Next Market Podcast: http://www.technology.fm/nextmarketpodcast/

Technology.FM: http://www.technology.fm

Michael on Twitter: https://twitter.com/michaelwolf/

Smart Home Show:  http://www.technology.fm/thesmarthomeshow/

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to start podcasting
  • How to book guests on a podcast
  • How to build a podcast business
  • Who is on the Mt. Rushmore of podcasting
  • The reasons for starting a podcast
  • What podcasts to listen to, to learn how to podcast
  • The ROI of podcasting
  • What is Technology FM
  • What’s the Next Market Podcast