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Taryn Southern epitomizes the modern day actress who is an entrepreneur.  She has created her own path towards an entertainment career in the online media world, which includes a YouTube following of over 400,000 subscribers.  While she has had reoccurring roles on TV shows like “New Girl,” “The League,” and “American Dad.”  We are excited to have her on the show.

Originally from Wichita, KS, Taryn moved to L.A. working with most L.A.-based media online companies.  From MySpace, to Verizon, to eventually YouTube she quickly embraced the digital video world.  As a writer, producer, and actress -she has created her own opportunities.

In 2007, Taryn produced and starred in the first social media integrated original series, Project MyWorld for DirecTVwhere Taryn traveled the world to meet her MySpace friends.  And as a singer, Taryn’ debut comedy album, On My Face, hit #11 on the iTunes Comedy charts.  She is a jack-of-all trades in how she has built her online business.

In 2012, she invested her own money in a YouTube channel, and founded her own production business.  She says the key to YouTube success is not only relying on YouTube for money, but also making your money from opportunities that come from YouTube.


In this podcast, you’ll learn how to build a YouTube based career, how to work as an entrepreneurial actor, how to build a personality-based media company, how to create your own creative career as an actress, and how to produce/act/build your acting career through online media.

She also realizes that the end game isn’t just TV and film.  She can be highly diverse in her media career, while controlling the work that she does.  It’s fascinating to see how she connects directly with her fans online, while working as an actress in 2014.  We’re happy to have her on the show.

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