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How to Tell 3 Stories Like a Badass, Collaborate with Influencers, & Accelerate Your Network

Description: StoryBadass is a jam-packed 3 month program that combines advising, personal coaching and group collaboration. Learn How to Collaborate, Influence and Network like a Badass.

StoryBadass includes live group video chats, insightful and inspiring group collaboration with other participants, and individual personalized mentorship from me. Click here to reserve your spot in The Program!

This program will provide you 3 badass stories to create your brand, to help you grow your client base, and increase your influence. We will give you:

  • Lifetime access to my Learning Management System with videos, templates and handouts.
  • Monthly individual calls, to work directly with me on your stories
  • 3 month of coaching with group video chats (every other week)
  • Private Facebook community group
  • FREE ticket to Los Angeles Influence Summit in early 2019

This is EXCLUSIVE for my community. This is a private link for just you all. Click here to join in StoryBadass!

Who Is the Membership Community For?

The course is for executives, leaders, and professionals who want to grow their business influence and strategically share their brand vision with the world. You can go from having a blank slate to become a story badass in 90 days. You’ll learn how to connect with customers, clients, and audiences emotionally, as an authority, and professionally. I’ll walk you through the exact, all-in-one process to share your big vision with the world.

Testimonials from my workshops:

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Craft Your Bold Story Vision

  • Determine the direction to develop your 3 stories like a badass. 

  • Pick your platform and develop your story vision

  • Embrace your personality to stand-out in a cluttered world

Module 2: Find Your Story Platform

  • Identify the select group of influencers who will be hearing your story,

  • Identify who you 9%’er collaborators are to help your story get spread

  • Focus on the 90% of your network to cultivate powerful relationships

Module 3: Solve Problems with Story (Ryan as the Guinea Pig)

  • Leverage Ryan’s 3 stories that he told at his @AuthorTalk at Google

  • Identify, develop, and hone your 3 stories

  • Introduce the story badass framework

Module 4: Develop Your Underdog Story

  • Connect with people emotionally around an obstacle that you overcame

  • Highlight an obstacle that you overcame as an outsider

Module 5: Develop Your Badass Authority Story

  • Leverage true word of mouth marketing is when you share a story

  • Teach people about a skill or piece of knowledge that they can pass along to others

  • Assert your authority as a speaker

Module 6: Develop Your Fixer Story

  • Present yourself professionally around how you solve problems or others

  • Display how you help others by finding pain points

Module 6: Present Your 3 Stories like a badass to the group

  • Create your story mindmap, brainstorming story headlines, mash-up the headlines

  • Present and pitching your underdog, authority and fixer stories in either written form or through video creation

  • Get direct feedback from Ryan and the group

You’re not going to find a membership community like this one! I’m also including an extra series on:

  • How to Build Influencer Relationships (Strategies and finding undervalued influencers)

  • Pitching Your Influencers

  • The 3 Steps Towards Collaboration

  • Solving Problems & a 30 Day Brand Roadmap

  • 5 Plug-and-Play Emails to cold pitch emails 

  • Influencer email pitch email feedback from me

  • Build Your Network Now​ Module 

The program is $997 in total.

You will get over $2,000 in bonuses. And I don’t always offer these bonuses. 

Click here to join right now!

Bonus: 5 Plug-and-Play Emails to cold pitch emails
Sending “influencer emails” to pitch your business can be a challenge, and the right emails can make the difference. I want you to get “Yes’s” from influencers, and avoid the “No’s.” These emails will be my drag and drop emails that work and are proven for influencers. These emails will get you the meetings that you crave. You will position yourself like the champ that you are.

Bonus: Influencer email pitch email feedback from me
You’ll get two strategic email sessions with me on your cold influencer pitches. We will craft them together via email. I can’t stand when people send-out bad pitches. As a podcaster, it breaks my heart when people don’t pitch well. Email is the 100% best channel to cold pitch influencers, and I want to help you along the way.

Bonus: Build Your Network Now​ Module
Your network is your currency in 2018. I’ll share three videos on how to-do three things to accelerate your business leads. 1) You’ll learn how to do killer email introductions. I want to help you grow your network through connecting others. 2) You’ll learn how to give before you get, and solve problems for people. This will also help to grow your network. 3) You’ll understand how to leverage LinkedIn to connect with your weak ties, people who are your acquaintances. I’ll provide you the methods for staying in touch with people for weeks, months and years.

What is an influencer and how will this program help me?

I define an influencer as someone who leads a movement based on the passion and loyal support of their niche community. INFLUENCER ≠ FOLLOWERS. Seemingly overnight, influencers can inspire a smaller project into a world-changing idea. Influence is not something you are born with—it’s a learned and acquired skill. And like most things, one’s influence can be honed and crafted over time. You cannot buy influence, you have to earn it.

In this course, you will learn how to build your community & collaborate with influencers based on proven methods. We’ll help you to pick a launch (or re-launch) date for your business, working backwards to prioritize launch goals. And I’ll teach you to define your big brand vision and marry it with your longer-term influencer collaboration strategy. You will define your niche for your idea, community and ultimately your influencer collaborators.

Here’s is a testimonial from entrepreneur and filmmaker Daniel Lir who has taken Influence Academy:

Here’s are testimonials from entrepreneurs and commercial developer Troy Fabian who has taken Influence Academy:

Click here to join StoryBadass!

Hear from professionals who have taken my courses., like business coach and collaboration specialist Andy Thompson:

What you’ll gain:

* Learn how to find your “Badass Stories,” around emotion, authority, and case studies
* Build an early adopter roadmap to find new customers and opportunities
* Craft and write influencer outreach templates to build meaningful connections with industry “thought-leaders”
* Write your brand statement one-pager to deliver to new and potential clients
* Structure 30-day execution roadmap to share your brand vision to the world​
* Find more purpose when selling your work to clients and customers
* Book yourself as a podcast guest and public speaker

You’ll also display your own professional expertise to discover how you are the best at what you do. You’ll learn how to present and NOT pitch your story, while telling the right story, for the right room. Using the ABE Framework (Authority, Business, Emotional), you’ll avoid giving elevator pitches. You’ll learn to use metaphors and visual examples to present your big brand vision.

In order to build powerful relationships, I created my own story-telling framework. I’d love to teach you how you’ll have different stories for different rooms. Everyone has a story to tell. And if you’re an introvert, this is for you.

Here’s Dr. Brad Wolf, a former course participant, sharing his experience working with Ryan:

Here are former student’s words:

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 11.33.01 AM

Ryan is an Influencer genius. I read his book, which opened my eyes to the world of influencers, influence, and the power of collab, then actualized that information in his pilot online course along with half a dozen other fantastically thoughtful, creative, and enthusiastic participant-collaborators. -Simon Maskel, Advertising Executive and Entrepreneur


“For me, helping others along their own journeys always helps me with my own. The community and vulnerability we all shared while working toward our respective goals was really powerful and helped me immensely. Since I work alone as a consultant, it was exactly what I was missing from my professional life.” – Angie Hilem, Social Media Marketer

Former Student Julie Buchwald, Professional Coach says:


Ryan’s program is efficient and well-tailored to each individual’s plans and objectives, as far as taking the next step with an idea or evolving to the next level. Ryan helps people achieve their dreams, and has a track record of achieving his own dreams to back up his approach. Also, with the group dynamic, I felt a sense of renewed energy from other entrepreneurial-type people, all of whom were just starting out with their own business concepts/ideas and exploring new avenues. – Julie Buchwald, Professional Coach



Ryan Williams is a media strategist and international speaker who helps professionals and entrepreneurs reinvent their careers. He is a former Media Relations Manager at Disney, and Director of Marketing at Machinima.com and State.com. In early 2014 he launched his Apple “new and noteworthy” podcast, Stories from The Influencer Economy, which Inc. Magazine called a Top Podcast to make you “Better, Smarter and Wiser,” and in 2016 published his book The Influencer Economy which was a top 50 Kindle Creativity book.

Ryan’s writing has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Observer, Success Magazine and USA Today. He has given trainings and lead talks at SXSW, University of Southern California, Vanderbilt University, WeWork and General Assembly. He currently runs his own consulting business and lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two girls.