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Noah Kagan and Ryan Williams on The Influencer Economy

Noah Kagan and Ryan Williams on The Influencer Economy

When Noah is asked what he does for a living Noah Kagan says: “I play on computers.” That is under-selling his work a bit. Noah Kagan (@NoahKagan) is the founder of Sumo.com, host of the podcast Noah Kagan Presents, and formerly employee #30 at Facebook. His entrepreneurial DNA runs deep in the world of tech, podcasting and blogging.

He downplays his professional accomplishments. In fact, Noah gets asked by so many for advice, he stopped giving it away entirely. Why? Because most people don’t want advice, they want validation. Noah talks about how most people want advice to “just agree with them.” He thinks advice and feedback is a gift and it’s words to improve. It’s up to you to agree or disagree.

Noah Kagan is the anti-guru guru. He has a wealth of marketing and business advice, as founder of Sumo.com. Noah Kagan shares how he has deal with depression, what it take to build a winning team, and how to thrive in a high pressured environments.

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5 things we can learn from Noah Kagan

  • When you have an idea, think big. When you pick-out your intention, double your goals. And then double your goals again. That should be how you create to reach bigger goals.

  • Ask for permission if you give people feedback or advice. When you say something like:Do you mind if I give you a suggestion?” When you frame it in that way, people are more likely to take it in. Then it’s up to them to agree or disagree.

  • It’s okay to be selfish and a nice person. Relating back to Adam Grant’s book Give and Take (listen to Adam on my podcast here), when you are helping others you need to give with purpose. It’s better to be a giver with your own self-interested aligned.

  • Influence is a attention that is a currency you can cash in and cash out. If you want to gain influence

  • Find an accountability partner. Some of us respond well to external pressure, and need others to keep us honest. When you have accountability partners, you can find allies to help you exercise, grow your business, and just live a smoother life.

Noah’s advice on how to launch, grow, and scale a podcast from scratch:

Noah Kagan How to Influence, Grow and Thrive with the Sumo.com Founder / 115

Influencer Economy on iTunes

Influencer Economy on iTunes

Noah runs his own company with over 40 employees. Surprisingly, he hates going into the office for work. Noah shares the methods for managing his team, while designing his professional life to work remotely.


Noah Kagan Presents Podcast: www.okdork.com/podcast/

Noah Kagan on Twitter: https://twitter.com/noahkagan

Sumo: https://sumo.com/

App Sumo: http://www.appsumo.com/

Ryan Williams on Stories from The Influencer Economy: https://www.influencereconomy.com/

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