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Dan Pashman Influencer Economy The Sporkful

Dan Pashman from The Sporkful on the Influencer Economy 

Dan Pashman, host of the The Sporkful podcast and author of the best-selling book “Eat More Better” stopped by the show. Dan details the secrets of how he built his successful food podcast that is ‘for eaters, not foodies.”

Dan says that every meal is an opportunity for greatness, and his quirky and irreverent style has won over millions of listeners. Dan was an independent podcast creator, up until last year when the legendary public radio station WNYC picked-up the show. The interview was so action-packed we divided it up into two episodes.

Building a start-up media brand from scratch is hard. It takes years to grow a community and build-out your ideas for the world.  Dan details how he started The Sporkful as a side project, and turned it into a full-time media job. He dives into how working in radio for years helped train him for his current role as both a writer and podcast host. He was hired and fired from many jobs, and learned how to produce a well-done podcast as a result.

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What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How Dan was a radio producer for Marc Maron back in the days of Air America
  • How getting fired and hired for many jobs helped Dan’s podcast career
  • Dan’s secret for how he gets paid to talk about food for a living
  • How Dan’s food observations and ability to drill down into descriptions guides the show
  • How Dan got booked to cook his patented fried egg sandwich for Matt Lauer at the TODAY Show
  • The formula for how Dan turned The Sporkful from a side project into a full-time job
  • Why the only one who can cancel your own podcast is you
  • How you can only plan so much before doing it.  “You have to start doing it, and learn along the way.”
  • How Dan is less self-conscious and trusts his gut more often
  • How Dan’s partnership with WNYC broadened the scope of his Sporkful podcast
  • How to build-out your platform as book writer and/or podcaster
  • How to plan live events and book all-star guests (like Amy Sedaris)
From Dan:
“The podcasting people say you can’t make money in podcasts. The book people say there is no money in publishing.  But if you make a book, you can get a TV deal. And the TV people say there’s no money in TV, but there’s money in oven mitts.”