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Thanks for joining me for the conversation!

I want to give you all a FREE  Handbook on “How to Anchor Your 3 Master Stories” from The Influencer Economy Book

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Authentic Storytelling for Leaders

Ryan Williams, the author of The Influencer Economy: How to Launch Your Idea, Share it With the World, and Thrive in the Digital Age, has built an actionable framework for telling better business and personal stories. His storytelling structure is a new approach for crafting and scripting your 3 anchor stories to tell in any room, anytime, to anyone.

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You will learn my proven framework for you to script your key anchor stories on how to:

  • Create greater connection with prospects by sharing obstacles you’ve overcome
  • Display your expertise and authority in your specific business field
  • Hone and craft your compelling business case studies to show what problems you’re solving in the world
  • Create a dialogue with key influencers by pitching your big vision
Influencer Economy by Ryan Williams
Influencer Economy by Ryan Williams