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Ryan chatted with Brenden Mulligan at the Cluster Home Office in San Francisco, where Brenden is Founder and CEO.  Brenden Mulligan details his journey from graduating Vanderbilt University, to designing and building products in San Francisco.

Brenden & Ryan in SF


Brenden spoke with Ryan about his entrepreneurial career, starting in Chicago, where he built the website Artist Data after graduating college. He shares the story about its acquisition and his ultimate move to the bay area.  He also speaks about about becoming a mentor with 500 Start-ups, what inspires his writing for TechCrunch, & how he built his network early on.  Brenden has built many projects such as:  Photofile, Webbygram, and Morning Picks, and OneSheet.

Both Ryan and Brenden attended Vanderbilt University. #AnchorDown


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In this episode you’ll learn:
  • The inspiration behind the photo-sharing start-up Cluster
  • How working at Vanderbilt’s Rites of Spring, helped Brenden’s career
  • How creating fun passion projects can turn into full-time jobs
  • How to have meaningful conversations while networking
  • How important mentoring is in the start-up community
  • How to add value to your network and friends
  • How Brenden is re-thinking how we share photos and interact with our friends online
  • Much more…..