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Flula: The Passion of YouTube, Reddit, and Dirk Nowitzki

It was a pleasure to have Fula on “The Influencer Economy,” he’s a well-respected DJ/musician/host on YouTube.  Flula has over 500,000 YouTube subscribers on his channel and has built a loyal global audience.

Flula shows the power and everything that is right with the internet.  He created a video “Flula in Germany” video which found

Launching a Podcast Network with Earwolf Jeff Ullrich


Earwolf’s Jeff Ullrich joined me on the show to talk about how he launched the Earwolf podcast network, with his business partner Scott Aukerman.  We speak about how the role of talent, producer, and entrepreneur are all merging in the world of media.  Shows you may have heard of: Comedy Bang Bang, Sklarbro Country, and

We Are All Self-Distributors: Talking Aziz Ansari, VHX, & Indie Game the Movie” with Jamie Wilkinson

Excited for episode #5 of The Influencer Economy, with my guest Jamie Wilkinson. Jamie and I had an awesome chat about media, video , and making stuff on the internet. It was so good, I had to divide up the conversation into two different episodes. The chat is a fascinating glimpse into the world of

“Playing Video Games to Pay Your Bills, Inside Gaming AS a Start-up?” with Bruce Greene and Adam Kovic

“Playing Video Games to Pay Your Bills, Inside Gaming AS a Start-up?” with Bruce Greene and Adam Kovic
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Adam Kovic and Bruce Green are the hosts of Machinima’s Inside Gaming. The show reaches 7 million views per month, and has built a loyal and staunch gaming following. I

Taryn Southern: “YouTube, Acting, Entrepreneurship, it’s the Future?”

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Taryn Southern epitomizes the modern day actress who is an entrepreneur.  She has created her own path towards an entertainment career in the online media world, which includes a YouTube following of over 400,000 subscribers.  While she has had reoccurring roles on TV shows like “New Girl,” “The League,” and “American

Shira Lazar of What’s Trending: Media and YouTube Entrepreneur on How to Define Your Own Career


On episode 2 of The Influencer Economy, we were happy to welcome Shira Lazar to the show.  Shira is the founder and host of the Emmy nominated show What’s Trending and an inspiration in the media and YouTube world.  In order to launch her career, she defined her own ‘beat’ as a producer/broadcaster, essentially

Ep. 1 – Burnie Burns of Rooster Teeth: Red vs. Blue, Online Video & YouTube Pioneer

For the inaugural podcast, I was proud and excited to interview Burnie Burns of Rooster Teeth.  Burnie is a pioneer in the  video and production world, and is the founder Rooster Teeth, an online video juggernaut.  Burnie speaks with at great length about the origins of Rooster Teeth and their early hit tentpole series Red vs. Blue.  We

Why Content is Eating The World & Why You Need to Start Creating Now

In 2010, venture capitalist, Marc Andreesen wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal stating that:  “software is eating the world.”  Andreesen, an investor in Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and many other consumer facing software companies, proclaimed that we were in “the middle of a dramatic and broad technological and economic shift in which software

Why The NBA’s Talent Acqui-Hire of The Basketball Jones is Important

Last week, the artist formerly known as The Basketball Jones announced they’re joining NBA Digital.   If you aren’t an NBA hoops fan, The Starters (as they’re now known as)  have been hosting a podcast for 2006 years and hail from Toronto, Canada.  And they are now colleagues with Emmy-award winners Charles, Kenny and

How Social Bartering Helps Improve Your Career

Without even realizing it, we are all bartering.  The social web has turned us into a society of people exchanging goods and services via the web.  It’s nothing new, but it’s all trackable with social media, email, and blogging.  You can keep track of your connections, exchanges, and services with very easily.

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