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The Art of Charm Meets the Influencer Economy

The Art of Charm Meets the Influencer Economy

Jordan Harbinger, host of the #1 business podcast The Art of Charm, stops by the show.  He details how he built his start-up media company-  The Art of Charm.

Jordan is an OG (original gangster) podcaster, starting back in 2006 . He was motivated to kick-off The Art of Charm after working for a corporate law firm on Wall St.

He has built a successful media company around his show and brand. He shares how he launched the Art of Charm Boot Camps in Los Angeles, helping men to gain confidence both socially and in business. We also talk about how college is becoming less relevant when it comes to defining what career you have.  Jordan’s education alternative is part of an emerging industry of more innovative ways to teach skills.

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We chat about the podcasting industry, how to market your podcast, and the BS that comes with marketing your content on Twitter. What you will learn:

  • How Jordan turned his podcast into a big media brand
  • How working as a corporate lawyer helped motivate Jordan to start his podcast
  • How your college and high school networks are not key indicators to your success in life
  • The secrets of how Jordan helps ordinary guys become extraordinary men via the Art of Charm
  • Why Twitter is over-rated in marketing your web content
  • Why podcasts have 10x more conversion than other media properties
  • How the podcast helped Jordan launch his Art of Charm Academy and Bootcamps

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